📚🚀#TheGrowthBookClub — Obviously Awesome! By April Dunford (A Review)

Author’s main takeaways:

So what is April Dunford’s 10-step positioning framework?

1. Understand the customers who love your product. Talk to your happiest customers and understand why they are so satisfied. Find out what about your offering make them such a good fit.

Source: https://www.aprildunford.com/obviously-awesome

3 positioning styles, for 3 market types:

  1. Head to Head: If you’re already a market leader. Prospects are comparing alternatives using a set of features where you come out on top.
  2. Big Fish, Small Pond: The goal of the Big Fish, Small Pond style of positioning is to carve off a piece of the market where the rules are a little bit different — just enough to give your product an edge over the category leader.
  3. Creating a new market category: You aren’t simply capturing demand that already exists; you have to spark some demand first.



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