🚀 The Art of Reforging Growth — A Reforge Program Review

1. The Content

If you’re already coming with some years of experience (and you should), chances are you have been practicing some or even a lot of the concepts and themes covered in the program, to some degree. One of the things I found most valuable was how organized, and deep all the modules were.

  • I told Helen Sims (Head of Product Reforge) that my first AHA moment (and there were a few), was seeing that I have access to ALL the content of ALL the programs, on-demand, for a year.
  • A few weeks into the live cohort, I was talking with my friend and colleague Orit Levy, who also participated in the live program, but chose the Product Strategy cohort. I remember telling her —

2. The Language of Growth

We all work in teams. Whether we lead a team or not, there are always other stakeholders we need to rally around a new initiative we want to pursue. Reforge helps you acquire a common language you can use to communicate concepts and methods to others — quickly and easily.

3. Live Sessions

At the heart of the live cohort program, are the weekly live sessions — each focusing on a different module, with a live guest — either an EIR or an industry veteran, that help unbox best practices and their way of tackling growth challenges.

4. (Live CohortxEvents)^Community

There’s a lot to read and write about the importance of fellowship in one’s intense process of training and practice. From martial art dojos to modern-day school/university/course classes or even study groups — peer pressure and other cognitive biases play a big role in our ability to stay the course.

5. The Reforge Platform

The Reforge platform serves as a dōjō (an immersive space for practicing the craft — in this case, learning), or a workspace of sorts — where you can engage with instructors and peers, and get access to all the materials you need.

6. Hard Work

🖊️Bottom Line

While there’s always room for growth — I’d rate my experience as 9 out of 10. I sent my feedback via the post-program survey (I wanted to see more examples around B2B, consider longer intervals between modules, adding office hours and the like) and it looks like Reforge is already implementing a lot of what I (and probably other students) had in mind.



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