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Shelly Eisen Livneh
3 min readFeb 28, 2021


Like many other things, I first heard of Clubhouse via Andrew Chen.

A few weeks ago, Orit Levy invited me to the app, and so far, it’s been really interesting. Experiencing the product as a PM, PMM, and a user — I keep thinking about and analyzing their GTM, engagement loops, and ultimately, which kind of persona I am in all of this - and where’s my product-market fit.

As I write these words, it looks like, at the moment, Clubhouse is a new professional meetup app for me. I tried several language, art, comedy, and meditation rooms — and couldn’t really feel any AHA moments there. yet.

This means, that like other professional content, I want to schedule this into my day rather than join ad-hoc sessions. I get a lot of invites while on work calls, and I wonder if anyone else still keeps a 9 to 5 job — or am I the only one left :) I want to listen to the content there while I can actually grasp and process what is going on and take notes if possible. Lunchtime or late evening hours usually work best for me.

Within a week of joining the app, I finally experienced my AHA moment, when listening to a 9pm ET scheduled room, way after all of my chores for the day were done, by Josh Constine. The panel was discussing Clubhouse vs. Twitter and Facebook, what the future holds in terms of possible acquisitions, monetization models, and product roadmap. Being able to be a fly on that wall was priceless.

The week after, I had a chance to join Constine’s 1on1 lunch session with Shopify’s founder. I decided to take some notes:

  • There is a difference between shopping and buying: retailers stopped adding value at some point, consumers fell in love with brands and stopped caring where they got them. “This is a crazy legacy way of looking at a business.”
  • Buying experience comparison:
    - Toys R Us vs. FAO Schwarz. Where the first one is a somewhat messy experience that does not make a lot of sense from a customer experience perspective, and the latter is a completely immersive experience.
    - Best Buy/Apple stores — where you cannot really pick up and play with display items, while the whole purpose of the apple store is to touch and experience the products.
  • Does this quote still hold? “No one has ever got fired for choosing IBM” — the speaker feels it’s time to stop encouraging the safe and boring choices.

Another session I enjoyed that week, was also scheduled in advance (about 4 days before), in which Netanel Baruch discussed the GTM and early growth stages of his question marketing product “Q Stats” with Roy Povarchik. They talked about:

  • How he orchestrated the impactful launch that took him from 0 to 1,000 users in just a few months.
  • Quora marketing best practices, the nature and the quality of its traffic (organic, professional desktop folks), the opportunity to enjoy some lower CAC and higher conversion rates, and how you can start experimenting with the platform tomorrow morning.

After 3 weeks on the app, suddenly, a new pattern began to emerge. I started joining ad-hoc rooms about different subjects when taking short breaks during my workday…let’s see how this evolves :)

In the next few months, I am going to experiment with creating content there and will be back with relevant insights shortly after :)

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