🚀#GrowthSnacks: Practice your Growth Mindset and Continous Learning In Professional Communities

How It All Began…

During 2019–2020, I gradually returned to the software industry after relocating to the US, where I spent the first couple of years helping a Duke University team of bright engineers sponsored by the Gates Foundation — to commercialize their hard tech systems.

Daily walk from the parking lot to the office

Make Mistakes and Fail — Publicly 😱

Dr. Jo Boaler of Stanford University opens her book “Mathematical Mindsets” (inspired by the work of Dr. Dweck), with a chapter called “The Power of Mistakes and Struggle”. At the beginning of this chapter, she introduces a study by psychologist Jason Moser, who found that the brain shows increased electrical activity when it experiences conflict between a correct response and an error (whether the people making the mistake are aware of it or not).

Boaler, 2016
Boaler, 2016

The Power of Engaging Questions in the Process of Learning 🤔

Dweck writes about the power of engaging questions in the process of learning — which invite participants to come up with their own pathways and are far more interesting and impactful in the learning process, than closed ones.

From Hacking Growth

Make a Habit of Making an Effort — Together 💪

From the Reforge Community
Boaler, 2016

Future-Proof Your Career by Building Effective Learning Habits

In today’s business environment, rapid technological innovation leads to the creation of new markets, business opportunities, professions, growth frameworks, and tools on a regular basis.

Bonus: How do I reconcile between The Gallup Strengths Framework and The Growth Mindset Concept?

A short while after I published the Gallup Strengths Framework post, a colleague challenged me by referring to the growth mindset concept — and asking how do these two align.



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